Welcome to Alladan Kennels

Alladan Kennels is a family-run, full-service kennel.  We’ve been in business since 1978 and are dedicated to taking care of your dogs and cats as if they were our own. Raymond and Jane Guy are the owners and operators of Alladan Kennels and their four adult daughters all work part time in the kennel, in addition to other members of our staff.

The Guy’s home is actually located in front of the kennel building and the Guy family takes special pride in owning and operating their kennel facility and in serving the pet care needs of Mansfield and surrounding communities. The kennel’s excellent reputation has brought pet owners from as far as the Boston area and Cape to have their pets stay with the Guy family at Alladan kennels.

When you board your dog at Alladan, he will be assigned his own indoor suite, connected via individual access (pulley) door, to his own outdoor exercise run. The runs are either 12 or 15 feet in length, depending on whether your dog is of small, medium or large size. Fresh water is always provided, both inside and out. The outdoor runs are completely covered so that, even in inclement weather, your dog will be protected from the elements when exercising outside.

For cats, Alladan offers a private room with special, extra large, fiberglass cages that are equipped with perches and individual litter pans, water bowls and food trays. We allow your cat periods of exercise outside his cage everyday.

The entire 48 suite kennel facility as well as the main office, grooming room and cattery is both air-conditioned and fully heated to keep your pet as comfortable as possible in all weather conditions. For information or reservations call 508-339-5597 .