Grooming Services

Alladan Kennels offers complete grooming services and our groomer has had over 20 years of experience grooming all breeds of dogs and cats.  The following price list is for the breeds we most frequently groom. If your breed is not listed, or you have a mixed breed, please call for a price quote.

A complete grooming includes a thorough brush-out, or clipping and scissoring depending on the coat as well as a bath (regular or oatmeal shampoo), ear cleaning and nail clipping. If a flea shampoo is used, please add $10.00 to the grooming price listed.

Pets whose coats are matted may need to be shaved or de-matted. This is very time consuming and will necessitate an extra charge depending on the amount of work required to remove the mats.


Cairns $40
Fox terriers $35
Schnauzers $45
Welch Terriers $45
Westies $45


Short Haired $40-45
Long Haired $50 and up

Toy Coated Breeds 

Maltese $40
Papillions $40
Shih Tzu $50
Toy Poodles $40
Yorkies $ 40


Nail Clipping $10
Nail Grinding $13

Large Coated breeds 

Australian Shepards $45
Border Collies $45
Collies $60
German Shepards $45
Golden Retrievers $45
Goldendoodles $60
Irish & English Setters $45
Keeshond $50
Siberian Huskies $50
Standard Poodles $50

Smooth Coated breeds 

Bassett Hounds $35
Beagles $30
Boxers $30
Bulldogs $35
Chihuahua $30
Dachshunds $30
Dalmatians $35
Doberman Pinchers $40
French Bulldogs $30
Labrador Retrievers $40

Medium Coated Breeds

Bichon Frise $45
Brittany Spaniels $40
Cavalier King Charles $40
Cocker Spaniels $45
Lhasa Apso $45
Shetland Sheepdogs $45